“Kristina & Geoffrey create beauty together. This beauty manifests itself in the environment, food, and art they create through the magic of their love and life stories.”

Kristina and I have traveled for years in this area, sharing peoples amazing houses. We have taken all we have learned, experienced and dreamed of, and created this place. We call it Mod Farm. A transformative house elevated into the trees, set on a prairie, next to a stream, all by itself on Tryon Farm. Very private. Private but luxurious and peaceful. All year long this place gives you so much while it takes away your stress in such little time. From driving in the Tryon Farm entrance and seeing the barn, gardens and ponds, you arrive moments later, after a winding, treelined road under a shaded canopy, confronted with a stunning view across a vast prairie. Looking to the other side of the prairie you notice a house set on the edge of the woods. This is the moment you realize that you have arrived at your destination. Please feel free to get out of the car and hug anyone near you. Run across the prairie to where you will be staying. It still takes our breath away each time my wife and I turn the corner. We are so happy to have found this place and created such a magical environment. We are excited to share the magic with you.  Contact us to plan your getaway, reserve a hosted experience/stay or plan to make your event extra special at the mod farm.


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