Taste to inspire. Farm to table to Ohhs and Ahhs.

Fire feasts and more emerge from the creative food stylings of Geoffrey. A culinary journey filled with curated local flavors and mod farm garden treats that accompany the seasons and delight your senses. 

Book a custom meal during your stay or come for a catered getaway or dinner event. 

Words cannot describe how amazing the meals Geoffrey prepared were . This man needs his own show !!!! Picture waking up to the most amazing french toast on the planet , then smother it with his homemade cantalope jam , not sold ? smear some of his mint infused whip cream on top and tell me your tastebuds don’t start dancing !! I brought along an aged ribeye roast that I wouldn’t trust myself to cook , Geoffrey worked his magic over an open flame in his fire pit and the outcome was simply orgasmic ! He paired it with fresh carrots that he pulled from the ground that afternoon , giant shiitake caps stuffed with herbs from the garden and roasted leaks . The combinations and layers of flavor in this meal were indescribable . Literally one of the best meals I’ve ever had , the ModFarm deserves a Michelin Star . I don’t know if Geoffrey brokered a deal with the gnomes in the woods of Tryon Farms or if he’s a wizard . The attention to detail he brings to his approach in the kitchen amazing !!
— Modfarm Guest Sept 2016