Everywhere you look, you will see beauty.

The magic of the inside-out nature of the house with windows that expand your vision into the trees, the open-door yoga -dance studio, the deck that connects the upstairs with the downstairs and the outside with the inside can change your perception of luxury. 

Everything was just perfect at this wonderful place! The pictures on the listing are great, but they don’t convey how beautiful, modern, warm and cozy this place is! Beyond the beauty and style, the house also had everything imaginable and not imaginable for the great little vacation. There are all kinds of dishes, candles and a magical collection of music. Every little detail in the house design is drenched with beauty and love. And the energy of this place is amazing. Very Peaceful and kind. There are no other houses in the near proximity, so there is only quietness, stillness and magical songs of wind chimes. Staying in this house felt like being in a fairy tail for 3 days.
— modfarm Guest Dec 2016